White Flower Farm

e_11_10_08_body_0284361I just received a catalog from White Flower Farm, in Litchfield, CT, and they are trying to entice me with Amaryllis. It is hard not to be dazzled by the candy striping petals. Also, they have a white bloom with red edging as if a seamstress put a thin border around them that is oh so preppy! Going to pour over this for a while this crispy, cold morning.


5 thoughts on “White Flower Farm

  1. How about one from each. LOL! They’re so temptimg. I have the pinkish one which hasn’t bloomed after its initial ones, but they’re worth to wait upon.
    BTW, you have an awesome collection of plants. Thanks to blotanical for guiding me here.

  2. Hippeastrums are hugely popular over here in the UK. I have to admit, they’re not my personal favourits – a bit too big and garish, and those emerging stems are unsettlingly phallic – but viewed en masse, in a floral display, they are fantastic.

    Have you come across the cybister varieties? These have much narrower tepals and more dainty flowers, often with fascinating veining and complex colouring.

  3. Alas, they are garish! Welcome, Plant Mad Nige and thank you for commenting. Amaryllis are an impactful plant and I don’t think anyone can get around the “biology” of them. It amazes me, as I sit in class or in the greenhouse and study the sex lives of plants and their vascular systems just how connected we are… Yes. Indeed. Check out the catalog for the here for the ones with subtle coloring. I was happy to see them toned down a bit, myself. Garden & Co.

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