Slow Food Nation ’08 in San Francisco

For those of us who could not attend this year, find out all on the Slow Food Nation Blog. It will be impossible for me to write about gardens without writing about food, the connection is obvious. But I want to talk about food without labels, of course. And, cookbooks, too, sometimes.


One More View of The Best Dock, Ever

I just can’t stop thinking about this dock…maybe because today is the last day of Summer (at least the calendar year summer, and, we are not too far from the equinox, either). But, as Labor Day Weekend and the month of August comes to a close, this photo of this dock seems appropriate to revisit. Makes me want to go swimming and dry off in the sun in that chair. But, it also makes me want to plant a garden on every dock in my town…which would keep me busy for the rest of my life, probably. At any rate, this is just to say farewell to Summer 2008.

Visiting Botanical Gardens

Every chance I get, I go to visit the nearest Botanical Garden in my travels. This photo of Agave is from the Tuscon Botanical Gardens. I have been, not once, but twice (which is a lot considering it is 2000 miles away from home). Twice, because, the succulents are something worth studying as we move into a sustainable future. And, Tuscon’s Garden is quite a lesson in all types and shapes and blooms and colors. It is quite a beautiful place. The roses in this post are from the New York Botanical. All I can say about the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is WOW! Sure smells good. New York’s Garden is on an amazing 250 acres in the Bronx. Probably our country’s crowning jewel.

Urban Walls and the Edible Landscape

The area that I live in is an historical one…one of the original 13 colonies, even. We have a lot of old and impressive masonry walls dating from the 19th century that are in gardens, churchyards, graveyards and grocery store parking lots. And, quite a number of our backyards are 20′ x 30′, if you are lucky. Add an 8′ wall to the scene and it gives most home owners the impression of no space for a vegetable garden. I love these photos because they highlight the use of space for planting a garden. The masonry wall makes a great backdrop for chard, and collard greens, and chives. Plant delicates that need afternoon shade on the east side. The edible landscape is a beautiful one. Notice the “squash box?”