Hellebores and Haute Couture

hellebores-and-peacockYou don’t have to be Christian Louboutin to keep a peacock around. Though, this enchanting woodland forest IS his. Peacocks are rather large birds. And, in my experience, too large for a stray cat’s psyche. They leave them alone. And, like ducks, the majestic peacock will just occupy itself while roaming your property making a great cry here and there. But, what I really wanted to point out are the Hellebores at the peacock’s tail. The woodland garden is an extreme of our ecology, juxtaposed, of course to the arid landscape. How to get a natural and sublime cutting garden under all those trees is answered for me with Helleborous orientalis. Wow, they come in such an array of exotic patterns and colors: from crazy, beautiful spotted varieties to the mocha black and chartreuse blends! And, as a bonus, they are great as a cutted ornament inside your lovely dwelling. They have a long blooming season from February to September in my neck of the woods: Zone 8. They are considered quite hardy. What else can you ask for?


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