World’s Most Coveted Walks (or Drives).


beautiful-streets-trellis-canopies-14__700Thank you so much to a good friend, Nicky Stolker, of Amsterdam that alerted me to this visual column. What else can you say, but, “WOW, WOW.”


Hedura Ivy at it’s Finest!

A0011935zaaThe architectural firm of ZAA has done a brilliant job marrying nature on the outside with nuture on the inside. This Italian country villa is my idol. And, I am so delighted to find out that here in Zone 8b, my Hedura Ivy grows all winter, too! I will be covered in no time and be saving on my heating and cooling bills by this time next year. LUCKY ME! the Hedura was planted at the base of my brick veneer home so long ago that it has been dying to do exactly this for 60 years.