Tree Houses!

cover_va_tree_houses_1207231603_id_512904This is just the cover of the Philip Jodidio authored Patrick Hruby illustrated Taschen published awesomeness


Composting Gives Me Purpose or Mother Of Worms

I have been looking online this morning at all the latest compost bins and tumblers on the market now. All of which, I realize, are totally unnecessary. Chicken wire and re-bar from the hardware store a few blocks over will suffice – just as a big ‘ole pile in the back of the yard will, also. However, when you rent space to live and have the tenant’s restrictions, you may need a tumbler or something with high production value. I have noticed over the last decade that the fancier, more green, more vinyl and more complicated looking the bin, the easier your flat mates, the upstairs neighbors and the landlords are with the whole process. I am still stupefied by the percentages of people unwilling to and terribly afraid of the compost. From Holland to my hometown, people literally fear the topsoil being made in the back yard. (And, in most cases, there is a paper mill or power plant not too far from their parking space…but, I digress.) Yet, in other situations, a designation of space and place can give an individual peace of mind and I understand that. I like to think of these crates as cribs for baby worms. Or, the nursery, if you will. So, for those of us who need a bin, these are a few eye-catching choices.