Camellias After a Century

pierates-cruz-camellias1I went to a client’s house yesterday to diagnose a problem with some historical camellias. They are part of a century old tourist attraction in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina’s Old Village and were called the Pierates Cruz Gardens. And, yes, it is hard for me to write that spelling of Pierates. But, alas, that is the spelling and I can find no information on the trusty Google as to it’s origin. However, the camellias needed mulch and aeration, first and foremost. The ailing ones were several 15′ + japonica varieties in the back yard. And, because they are in the back yard, they were not getting the pine straw/mulch beds that they need for a continued healthy lifespan. So, it is a quick fix, we hope. But, look how beautiful this allee in the front yard is! How lucky to have these to stroll through everyday.


2 thoughts on “Camellias After a Century

  1. Parker – The property was named Pierates Cruze by the Osgoods who purchased it in 1928. No one is sure of the origin of the name, but we can speculate that it is a reference to a legend that pirates buried treasure here. You’d be interested to know that Mrs. Osgood won the “Gold Metal” from the Boston Horticultural Society in 1947 for her development of hybrid camellias.

  2. I know this is an older post but I came across this and have questions about my Camellias- They taller and larger than these seem to be and I have them trimmed up tall the same way ( I am in Georgia). They bloom every year and I clip new growth on the bottom along the trunk. How do I know if they are as healthy as they can be? They are stunning and I want them around forever!

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