To Hell With Leaf Blowers Redux!

The Earth’s leaves are an exceedingly vital part of our ecosystem. A carpet of fallen leaves, and it’s decompostion, creates the essential nitrogen Earth needs to survive and function properly. And, nitrogen can spend its life in 3 ways: release as a greenhouse gas into the Earth’s atmosphere; dissolve into the water systems as the form nitrate or be fed to plants. By leaving the leaf right where it falls, you can aid in the process of feeding the soil underneath it. Allowing your leaves to decompose on your landscape is good for the landscape. And, if you must rake them, feeding them into your compost heap is a fantastic way to provide the brown layer that is necessary for your pile’s good health. (Brown layers are leaves and yard trimmings – Green layers generally come from your kitchen….even coffee grounds are Green) So, let’s all hold hands and get rid of the leaf blowers. Gasoline doesn’t belong in Nature. Come on! You want the exercise, anyway. And, speaking of Brown, these photographs are by the Nature/Garden Photographer Kenneth Brown. He lives in Vermont and these pretty selects are from his book called The Soul Of Vermont.


7 thoughts on “To Hell With Leaf Blowers Redux!

  1. I was thinking this year about raking my leaves and putting them onto my garden beds, you have just helped me with my decision, thank you!!!

    The pics are gorgeous!!

  2. The pics are absolutely amazing!
    I definitely agree with the benefits of leaving the leaves in the landscape. Not only are they super nutritious, they are also the best insulator for overwintering plants. I only rake the leaves from the turf and into the beds, the excess goes into the compost and the raised bed garden.

  3. I haven’t put a leaf in the trash for years. Must of mine go onto the vegetable beds and the strawberries. The rest go into the compost heap. The pictures look a lot the mountains here in Colorado.

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