greenhouse1Oh my, what I would give to have a professional greenhouse at home. Plant propagation is one of my favorite things in the plant arena to do for the late Fall and Winter. One violet can keep you busy, let alone ALL of your houseplants. Taking cuttings from your begonias is so simple. Even if you don’t have the above greenhouse, you can recycle all those 6-pack nursery plastic containers by plunging leaf cuttings from begonias and violets into them in the Winter. Coleus? Just plunge into water. Even roses are easier than you might think. Stem cuttings need to be from 2 to 3 inches long from node to node. You need to remember which side is up, though, so an easy trick is to cut dirt-side at a sharp angle with your by-pass pruners just below a leaf node. Cut the top-side straight across just above another leaf node. You don’t need to keep the leaves on. As a matter of fact, the leaves will distract energy from the roots if they are too plentiful during the process. With your leaf propagation, try cutting the larger leaves in half to send more energy to the roots. And, most of all, you have nothing to lose in trying! And, it is quite a lot of fun. Like having puppies without the puppies.


6 thoughts on “Greenhouses

  1. Thanks for the propagation tips. Propagation is one of my favorite parts of the plant hobby, too. It’s so wonderful to create new life from apparent ‘scraps.’

    1. Hi Wicked Gardener! I want to know more about the wicked side of gardening suddenly. It IS a gorgeous greenhouse! It belongs to Bunny Williams and she is very, very lucky. Things like this keep me up at night, too. Thank you for commenting. I have been in the Mac computer hospital, so I am just getting back to my blog just now.

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