Tokyo and the Olive Tree

I had to travel all the way to Japan this year in order to consider the climate they might experience. And, no doubt about it, I was surprised at just how humid it was this September past. I was in Tokyo. I loved it. The gardens and garden shops were fabulous! However, I never lingered over the idea that the islands that make the Japanese chain (remember that I was on Honshu) are sub-tropical, Mediterranean- style Olive Tree (Olea europaea) growing extravaganzas. They have festivals that celebrate the olive and offer the plant as a symbol of peace, as well. So, imagine my delight when I cruised past this shop and saw the silvery, silky, sexy Olive Tree for sale. It was an “ah ha!” moment because Japan sits on the Pacific Rim just like California and has limestone and craggy coastal shores. Olives love it there. Now, I begin to dream of tuna sashimi with a diced kalamata ponzu sauce. And, I thought it was going to be 100 % bonsai cedar, cypress, junipers and soba noodles…


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