This Year, Zinnia Elegans

I have been walking around the back yard in the late Fall sunshine plotting and imagining what will go where come Spring. Here in zone 8b, I have heard tale of the record heat waves and heat index scales tipping towards drought conditions this past half year while I was bicycling through a Northern European capital in the cool rain. I haven’t had more than one camellia bloom, yet, this season even though the bushes are full of buds because it is still quite warm, much warmer than I recall, here on the brink of December. While we wait for a frost (which may never come) and hope that the Saucer Magnolia isn’t really about to bloom this week, I must consider hot gardens and what’s to come. It will be zinnias and tomatoes for me, I think. I love them both so much. I found this sketch online and it suits me today. A lot of dreams begin in black and white before they blossom into powerful, pretty, punchy color.


I Have Found the Drawing Board

Proverbial idiom aside, I really have just located my drawing board and I am so excited to see it, again. Hired movers moved my belongings from storage in the deep South to my Grandmother’s home recently without my supervision. I have a lost and damaged report that I am working on and I fear it may turn into a two page document soon (I would hate to sound too complaintful…I am grateful to have had the professionals do the job, however, the OCD section of my mind needs to make the list in order to put herself at ease).

I have returned to my native zone 8b after a four year sojourn around the globe and I have more chores to do this December than expected. And, the list of chores has me very, very happy. A gardener needs to keep busy in the Winter to thrive just as the landscape does. Dormant does not mean dead or idle and the best time for planning and plotting is now. I intend to put pencil to paper today and plot a preferred placement of the compost pile. Back to the drawing board!