The Saucer Magnolias Are Beginning to Bloom

i-phone-011Just a reminder for me that I have sooo much to do to get ready for Spring. But, we are a little early here this year in zone 8b.


Camellias After a Century

pierates-cruz-camellias1I went to a client’s house yesterday to diagnose a problem with some historical camellias. They are part of a century old tourist attraction in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina’s Old Village and were called the Pierates Cruz Gardens. And, yes, it is hard for me to write that spelling of Pierates. But, alas, that is the spelling and I can find no information on the trusty Google as to it’s origin. However, the camellias needed mulch and aeration, first and foremost. The ailing ones were several 15′ + japonica varieties in the back yard. And, because they are in the back yard, they were not getting the pine straw/mulch beds that they need for a continued healthy lifespan. So, it is a quick fix, we hope. But, look how beautiful this allee in the front yard is! How lucky to have these to stroll through everyday.