Isn’t Mother Nature The Best??



Pretty Excited to Nuture Leaf Mold This Year

IMG_3662So many folks in my neighborhood (Zone 8b) spend quite a lot of electricity and/or gasoline getting their fallen leaves in bags and onto the street curb these days. Not a lot of analog rake noises abound. And, here in my native deep South, the Live Oaks are the cause of so much local activity.

This candid culprit makes no apologies as it delivers a raucous leaf explosion this time of year. We love them so much whilst they herald the first day of Spring for us by shedding almost every dang brown leaf they have on board. With this kind of flotsam in an Oak lined drive….well, I get excited about the fallen leaves. They are so full of Nitrogen. Click here and here for all the great news!

My Ongoing Affair With Piet Oudolf


Sometimes I declare out loud that my first Dutch love was Oudolf. And, of course, he SHOULD be everyone’s secret sharer as he plants his way into the hearts of all those who adore good design and their hometown, Planet Earth. The Dutch never cease to amaze me and I miss them very much but this man is one of their most important national treasures. Here is an article on his latest projects….Alstublieft!

Modernity In A Water Feature

Today I just like this pond. It is so simple in scheme and modern in idea, yet, evokes timeless emotions of the river’s edge. How soothing it must be to live in this room. The landscape architect, Stephen Woodhams, in London, captured the essence of rural privacy and balled it into an urban setting. (And, of course, I don’t mind the topiaries to the right, either!) I found this photo in the book, Small Space Gardens, by David Stevens.

Forced Bulbs and the Minimalist Gardener

I just love this shot from Pure Style by Jane Cumberbatch (photograph by Henry Bourne)Forcing bulbs is as easy as storing your film. You put them in the refrigerator. I can’t imagine not having a bunch of medium format film stock and crocus and hyacinth bulbs in there. Just leave the bulbs in for 4 to 6 weeks and then plant them in a pot of soil…fertilize with compost that is nitrogen rich and voila!you can achieve garden stardom. (It’s true that bulbs and orchids seem to mystify.) And, bulbs can be modern and minimal and will thrive in any sort of container because they are short cycled. So you can be really creative with your styles of containers and have bulbs year round.