Isn’t Mother Nature The Best??



Forced Bulbs and the Minimalist Gardener

I just love this shot from Pure Style by Jane Cumberbatch (photograph by Henry Bourne)Forcing bulbs is as easy as storing your film. You put them in the refrigerator. I can’t imagine not having a bunch of medium format film stock and crocus and hyacinth bulbs in there. Just leave the bulbs in for 4 to 6 weeks and then plant them in a pot of soil…fertilize with compost that is nitrogen rich and voila!you can achieve garden stardom. (It’s true that bulbs and orchids seem to mystify.) And, bulbs can be modern and minimal and will thrive in any sort of container because they are short cycled. So you can be really creative with your styles of containers and have bulbs year round.

The Best Dock, Ever III

Okay, I promise this is the last dock I will post this summer. However, having, myself, just stepped out of the boat onto one and driving past hundreds of them today, know just what they mean to the landscape. And, docks have quite a lot of impact, both visually and ecologically speaking. I have seen several wanky, crooked and ugly ones today in many stages of obtrusiveness and dilapidation. This photograph inspires me. Simply nice.

Water Lillies

More is more in landscaping. Not more varieties. More of one variety. Keep it simple. That is my mantra. And, if you don’t have the space or budget for this extravagance of water features designed by Fernando Caruncho for a seaside resort in Spain…then, try a much smaller one, placed in just a key spot. Even if it is a 4′ x 4′ pond, as long as it is packed with water lillies, and only water lillies, the effect will be the same. (I just love a lot of a good thing and the pale, pale stone gives this site the clean modern lines that strikes minimalistic chords.)