Please write me and let me know your thoughts and feelings, either about this blog, or, about flora and the fauna that live among them. I will write you back if you want a pen pal or I will answer any questions about horticulture to the best of my ability.


10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I saw your posts on Garden Rant about (1) becoming a Master Gardener and (2) glyphosate aka Roundup, but thought I’d reply on your blog instead of on the Rant.

    I’m also a Master Gardener in two states (NC & ID). In NC, pesticides and herbicides of all sorts seemed to be encouraged. In Idaho, we also use both, but we’re encouraged to think before we spray and organic products and methods are strongly encouraged. I have to say, though, that arid ID has far fewer bugs than humid NC!

    I’m battling field bindweed in my yard and irradication of this noxious weed calls for drastic measures. You can’t just pick bindweed and expect it to go away. Otherwise, I pick weeds instead of blasting microscopic soil flora with poison.

    In the NC MG classes, we didn’t discuss looking stuff up on the internet, but were encouraged to look at state U. publications – which are very good. In ID, we’re encouraged to use both resources (and many more). Cornell University has a good, scientific writeup on glyphosate and you can access it at: If that link doesn’t work, just Google glyphosate and the Cornell site should be listed. This is a good thing to do with any pesticide ingredient. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t know this. They only know what the ads tell them.

    Elaine Walker
    “Aunt Ida”
    Boise, Idaho

  2. Hi,
    I’ve recently launched a blog about sheds. Garden sheds, storage sheds, tool sheds, etc. It would be wonderful if you could add a link to my new blog and I’ll gladly reciprocate.

  3. Good Morning,

    I wanted to take the time to let you know that I viewed and loved your blog. You really do have some great articles.

    We just launched a new Eco Friendly furnishings website Check it out!

    We will be launching some additional products during the upcoming weeks.

    I’ll be checking back again to I can read your blog in more detail! Awesome stuff!!

    Tahra Lehman

  4. Hi Parker,

    Jim Martin gave me this link in order to contact you. He thought you would be a good person to reach out to for an upcoming event with the hort society. I think you are a member and may know the Charleston Horticultural Society is having it’s Country Feast March 13 to raise money for the society. One of the ideas that came up in our recent meeting was something called “The Potting Shed”. The idea generated from the Chicago Art School fundraising party where artists come and paint, and folks wander around and bid on their works, as they are being painted. Hopefully you can see where this is going…

    I’m hoping you may consider coming and creating something during the event. The plant material will be donated by Church Creek nursery and I believe you will be able to choose the plants. The containers may be donoated as well, but if you something in mind to be super creative you should consider donating a pot to the cause. This is still in it’s formative stages, so if you have any input or ideas, that would be welcome. Also if you know of any other folks I should reach out to please let me know.

    Please give it some thought and let me know what you think.



  5. Hi,

    I am a master gardener and my profession is programmer/project manager. This spring, I taught myself the PHP programming language to improve my professional skill set. To practice, I created The Farmer’s Garden website. The site, is a place where people can post free classifieds to sell, trade or give away their surplus backyard garden produce.

    I launched my site in May 2009 and it is nationwide. I think it is a great resource for members of your community. It is very easy to grow more produce than you and your family can use. Why not share your local, fresh and delicious vegetables, fruit, berries, etc. with others?

    Registration is free and required to post classifieds to buy, sell or trade surplus produce. Individuals and non-profit organizations can also post wanted classifieds. Registration is not required to search the classifieds. Can you please provide a link to my site, on your site?

    Thank you,
    Maureen Farmer
    The Farmer’s Garden

  6. I came across your lovely website while searching for white camellias with pink and red stripes. We are doing our backyard and I fell in love with the camellias that I described to you. They were given to us regularly by our sweet neighbor who passed away a few years ago. During that time, we were not living in the same neighborhood because of our house remodel. Our neighbor’s house and backyard were cleaned out (all of her plants were cut off) for a sale. I am looking desperately for this kind of camellias to plant in our backyard. I found different names for this type (La peppermint, Lavinia Maggi). You may help us with the exact name and maybe one of the nursery in North California where we can buy this beautiful plant.
    Thank you!

    1. Thoa, thank you for writing me and reading my blog….gosh, it is camellia season right now and I am in South Carolina this month enjoying them. I would love to help you find one for your climate…let me do a little research, then. Back to you soon, Parker Meyer Garden

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