Isn’t Mother Nature The Best??



World’s Most Coveted Walks (or Drives).


beautiful-streets-trellis-canopies-14__700Thank you so much to a good friend, Nicky Stolker, of Amsterdam that alerted me to this visual column. What else can you say, but, “WOW, WOW.”

I Love Chickens!

goldenspangledpolishamericanlightbrahmasI can’t stop watching them walk around the garden. And, I get excited at sunset because the white ones glow with the purple and pink hues. Granted, I can only keep about 3 at a time because I live in Urban City. (I keep them as pets and name them and love them and get plenty of eggs for one household from them.) But, I just came across this fabulous blog site: BibliOdyssey! Rare Audubon plates, botanical plates…etc.

Keeping Birds and Your Garden I

My mother gave me my first pet duck when I was an 8 year old and I haven’t quit keeping birds, yet. They are an elegant and easy addition to your garden and their benefits to soil and your soul are endless. I say easy, because, a lot of my clients think it will be difficult to have birds around and it is just as easy as stretching chicken wire across a frame. Mind, I am not talking of a caged bird…the difference in a cage and an aviary is that aviaries allow the birds to fly. Just pick a spot and give them a little room and they will delight you every single morning. It is a thrill to visit your avaiary….I promise. And, they eat bugs.