Joining The Ivy League, One Way Or Another


These photographs above are of my home’s brick veneer and I am happy to watch both Hedera Ivy and Fig Ivy (which is NOT an ivy at all!)  in a foot race around the property to cover the facade.  I adore all things English, and, turning an ordinary suburban home into something ecologically interesting is appealling to me.  So, after much research online, I can happily denounce the old adage that Hedera Ivy will ruin your structure.  We are living in a major climate shifting time, and, it is appropriate to begin exploring new ways to heat and cool our homes.  And, tah dah!!  In sashays Ivy.  Check out this article from the UK, for instance.  Okay, okay…if you don’t trust that propaganda, I won’t lead you astray.  Here, here and here are the best sources to read about my favorite new Horticultural discovery.  And, even though the UK seems waaaay more interested in these findings than the US, I live in an architecturally historically relevant town and the information might be all the BUZZ here soon enough.



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