Queen of the Nymphs

This is my first one. The first one I have ever seen, much less, in it’s native lands. What a lucky find for me in Indonesia! The Nelumbo nucifera, or Lotus flower, was originally name in the genus of Nymphaea, or Water Lilly, only to be re-classified very recently. And, why this re-classification, you might ask? Wow. Check this out: The Lotus Flower is discovered to have thermoregulating powers. The Lotus warms itself, much like a human, to about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (and, thereabouts) during the pollination season to keep itself warm for it’s insect pollinators! What?? Thought by the Greeks to be goddesses of the Springs to compliment the gods of the Rivers, they still have their peacock proud, majestic, nympho-like allure, don’t they? Nelumbo or not.


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