Oh My, The Winter Rye!

Wow! I am very lucky some days and I get to visit places that look like this. Airy Hall in Charleston, South Carolina is a private piece of heaven and this is the ancient Live Oak, or Quercus virginiana, drive way. She is underplanted with lime shaded, gorgeous annual Ryegrass or Lolium multiflorum. Used for color, beauty and erosion control out of doors and quick growing (seeding almost overnight) color terrarium extravaganza indoors by me (see category). And, I must credit myself with the photo, though, I would like to make sure that everyone knows that I have not always used mine own photographs and will continue to find others that enchant me….however, I will try and find the author and give credit where credit is due!


4 thoughts on “Oh My, The Winter Rye!

    1. And, there were polo ponies to pet and feed molasses treats and Trumpet Swans on the ponds and flocks of wild turkeys wandering about. It was a “wow” day. Thank you, JP, for commenting! Garden & Co.

  1. One of the most underused winter landscape tricks there is, winter rye. A 50 pound bag is cheap and will plant a goodsized front yard, turning winter brown into spring green very quickly. We haven’t even mentioned the benefits of ‘green manure.’

    1. That’s right, Nell Jean….attracting winter critters should be thrown into the mix as well. Thank you so much for the comment. Lots of great material out there for reading on “green manure.” Garden & Co.

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