Continental Shift

10_16_09_VersaillesED09235Hello World. I have moved since my last entry from the North American Continent to the European Continent. I am in Amsterdam, Netherlands trying to figure out how to grow all over again. Hortensia abound here and the roses look quite happy at this latitude. Bear with me while i adjust. For now, here is a photograph from The Selby of the artist Xavier Veilhan’s show held at Versailles. The topiary-esque sculpture here is my favorite piece.


4 thoughts on “Continental Shift

    1. There are a lot of bicycles! And, mine, too. I brought home two Phalaenopsis yesterday in my back pack on bike and worried about them the whole way. And, they were as snug as a bug in a rug, anyway. Posting photos from Holland very soon. Garden & Co.

  1. I am sure that you will get plenty of comments from bloggers in the Netherlands to help you get started. I look forward to reading about your new garden. Good luck and I hope you are very happy in your new home.

    best wishes Sylvia (England)

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