So Simple and Brilliant

watertilesThe French designer, Alain Idoux, has created this marvel in the South of France, where drought can be a problem. From simple roofing tiles, Idoux has created a rill with which to catch and deliver rain water to another garden. It is so pretty, pretty! And, to top it off, that is honeysuckle creating that drought-resistant hedge. Unfortunately, Idoux is no longer with us…dieing a premature death, however, we get gardens like this left behind. Idoux used a lot of native grasses in his designs, as well. The nativity of which keeps Idoux around ad infinitum.


5 thoughts on “So Simple and Brilliant

    1. Hi, Anne and ukwaterfeatures. Thank you for commenting! Yes, I love the recycled roofing tiles, too. And, Alain Idoux was lost to Lou Gehrig’s disease at the young age of 46. He has been called a new naturalist in design. His landscapes have this above photographed formalist quality, and, yet, it is really drought-resistant and native. He is fantastic at combining the two.

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