Pruning Trees

pruningtreesPeople ask me all the time, “when to prune?” The best answer I can give is late Winter. Before any part of the tree leaves dormancy and begins to grow again. Never in the Fall. Pruning always promotes growth, and, in the Fall you want your trees to harden. What do you think? This is open for discussion. I attend lectures on this subject as often as I can find them available through horticulture societies. And, therefore, I am often seeking advice myself when it comes to trees.


One thought on “Pruning Trees

  1. I would never say, never prune in the fall, well there is ideal times to prune trees, but never a wrong time to prune, there are different reactions to prunning during different times of the year, Well if your in oregon we ( green options organic tree care company) us, were going to hold a free pruning seminar here shortly, and it would be a great chance for you to pick our brains in person. Not only are we all certified arborists, but we all share the passion in what we do, we cant be heros like firefighters but we can do our part to let the public know how to prune correctly, using Only Organics verus synthentic’s, and how trees are very inportant to us now and for the future of our Earth. Again were the 1st and only 100% complete organic full service tree company. So if thier is anyway I can help you, it would be my honor to help ya, or if you would like a lot of info u can check us out at well i hope to hear back from ya and good luck, and plant a tree 😛

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