Garden Structure After The First Frost

structuregardenLate Fall and Winter are pretty times in the garden. The deciduous patches become basket-twined, architecturally interesting pieces for your contemplation. This time of year also reveals your structure and whether or not you have achieved the balance or harmony of textures that will sprout later. But, the Winter garden is it’s own beautiful thing. Bunny Williams, the notorious East Coast gardener, in her book, An Affair With A House, takes the moment to publish this fantastic, deciduous minimalism that belies our seasonal cycle of moods. When do you not feel deciduous yourself?

It is always a good idea to plant for Winter. If your hydrangea garden is a large patch, don’t let it stand alone in the Winter, and, try Nandina domestica alongside it. The play of sticks on stalks on sticks and the evergreen, color changing extravaganza of the Nandina compliments the baroness of the Hydrangeas. Evergreen boxwood, as you see above, makes perfect Winter markers that are hardy and wait patiently for your bulbs to sprout. And, don’t stop gardening in the Winter!


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