My Chores for Today

Today is the first sweater-weather day of Fall in my neck of the woods and I better bring in the violets. This is a case of “do as I say and not as I do.” Violets do not like terra cotta pots. See where my leaves are brown and sort of scalloped? When the leaves of violets make contact with terra cotta pots..they will brown and die. It is because terra cotta has too much salt/saline in their make-up for a precious violet. Give them a glazed pot and they will love you forever. So, since I just left them out in the super-duper high humidity of the Deep South for the whole Summer, I am just today going to give them a home they will really like. To tell you the truth, I haven’t paid them any attention this whole past season and they still look pretty darn good. But, now I will bring them in and foster them into bloom. When re-potting your violets, don’t forget to put some pea-gravel in the bottom of the pot. Violets like the drainage. I just love how old fashioned they seem to me! Maybe that is because my 92 year old grandmother loves them, too. Also, since it is sweater-weather, I cannot resist pulling the Paperwhites out of their resting bag (placed in an old wooden chest under this potting table)…. It is time to start forcing them to bloom! I love the Fall.


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