Olive Trees Indoors?

One of the many things I miss about living in Los Angeles is the Mediterranean climate. In my garden, I had an enormous olive tree that made a huge crop in the Fall and the birds came from everywhere to eat. What a racket it was, both for them and me. I was young when I moved in and waited patiently for the olives to ripen to that familiar kalamata deep purple and popped one in my mouth. Wow, what a mistake. Then I took to curing them. Wow, what a long process! What a lot of fun. I found these photos and I want to know if I can bring one indoors successfully in my 8b climate? Are they fine with the humidity of the bathroom, or is that set dressing? I would love to have one of these gorgeous, silvery beast…never thought of one as a potted plant before. Hmmmm…an instructor told me once that you are not a good gardener if you are not killing something. In other words, experiment, experiment, experiment!


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