Garden Paths: Old and New

I have just recently broken ground in a garden I designed for an urban/townie location; small and shady. Today the garden path started to really take shape and got me very excited. And, tonight I am pouring over others’ ideas for hardscapes…..softer hardscapes to be exact. Mine will evolve over the next few days because the hardscape is to look natural and like it has been in place for quite a while. (I drive my mason crazy because I am very hands on during the creation and want to scatter the pebbles just so….) I just love how the two of these garden paths are so similar and, yet, evoke pleasures of different eras of time as well.


2 thoughts on “Garden Paths: Old and New

  1. Hey Tyra! Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, I have been a little consumed with topiary lately. (Well, maybe not just lately, maybe always). I went to your blog and you have a most beautiful garden and greenhouse. I can’t wait to hear more from you and you sailing, too. And, lastly, I see you dream of topiary, also…

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