A Way To Garden and Viewsheds

The term viewshed is an important one knocking around the collective consciousness of our citizens of planet Earth and is most often seen used in urban design and green space planning. We hear of watershed quite a lot and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of our American collective efforts has a vital role in the saving of wetlands and watersheds of the American country (albeit we still need more and more and more protections in place). What we are just turning to now are viewsheds and this policy is just as important as we branch development into rural areas of our nation. An already underway protection for the American viewshed is the National Scenic Byway program begun officially in 1991 by the Department of Transportation. It is a program more likely spawned of tourism rather than environmentalism, yet, no less important otherwise. Margaret Roach, and her blog, A Way To Garden, has introduced the term to many of her readers and I wanted to take this opportunity to expand the conversation here. Above are paintings by a South Carolina native artist, Mickey Williams, and, as Ms. Roach featured a painting from the famed Hudson River School of the 19th century, I thought I would post a landscape from my area, too.


2 thoughts on “A Way To Garden and Viewsheds

  1. I love how you have continued the conversation, and the paintings you have shared. Such a different view than the one from here, but equally spectacular…and precious.

  2. Margaret, thank you for visiting… I have a celebrity comment! (great show for blogging on martha.) The post of yours was so thought provoking that many of us were grateful you began it. It is always a pleasure to check into your space every morning.

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