The Deciduous Tree

Fall and Winter is a beautiful time in the garden. I think of deciduous trees during these seasons as being architectural sculptures rather than plants once they have lost their leaves. I love this select from David Joyce’s book, Topiary, because of the bare standards with the oh-so-slight bud beginning and most often use a Magnolia x soulangiana “Alexandrina” in my garden schemata for the gracious scent of the blossoms or I plant “Leonard Messel” for the antique pale pink of his blossoms. Both are small trees and will fit into the small, secret gardens we have in urban landscapes. And, both are considered pest free. I have a love affair with the more common “Alexandrina” because of it’s chartreuse leaves in the Fall and it’s stark, pale gray bark in the winter. They begin to bloom around 3 years of age and I just would hate to have to miss these beautiful blossoms beckoning the Spring. I have just ordered one for a garden and just wanted to share this photo since I hope to achieve something this elegant with my choices. This photograph above is of a private garden in Barnsley, Gloucestershire and designed by Rosemary Verey.


2 thoughts on “The Deciduous Tree

  1. Rosemary Verey’s home is now a hotel Barnsley House Hotel but they do maintain the garden for the hotel and restaurant guests. One day I will save up enough to go for lunch just so I can look around the garden!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. Sylvia, I am going to have to save A LOT of clams to get to lunch there, too! I would love to see her work in person…she was an amazing designer and I am a big fan of her work and her musings…

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