Wisteria as a Standard

A garden design I am working on today, in the romantic style, has an aged wisteria vine growing that I will begin to train into a standard. It is an along and unruly vine, and, she will prove a bit of a challenge. She has been planted smack in the middle of the garden and a couple of years ago someone gave her a plastic trellis support that she is now toppling over. I am putting a garden path just beside her and need her to stand up a bit to let the visitor pass. I will keep talking about this wisteria vine as I get her to cooperate with me, or not (to her liking.) And, this one above is just beautiful and certainly inspires me. I am re-reading (my weekend candy) the book, Topiary, by David Joyce and this pretty select is from one of his chapters. David’s book is a short one, but, succinct and pointed in it’s information. Since it’s printing in 2000, I have referred back to it time and time again as a necessary and vital resource.


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