Just Introducing Gladys and Me…

Oh yes, and the budgies (a pair of Keats and Graham Greene), are behind me in their homemade aviary. This is us In My Potting Shed. We have 300 square feet of concrete extravaganza to tromp through with muddy Wellies and enough reference material to get us through a season or two. The compost pile is outside and I will have many more photos coming from here soon. We just thought we’d (Gladys is my terrier mix there on the desk) say hi.


4 thoughts on “Just Introducing Gladys and Me…

  1. Potting shed! I would love a potting shed like this, I can dream but where is the messy pots and compost etc?

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. Hello Sylvia! I did get to do some set dressing for this photo and some cropping, too. I keep a compost heap outside and I have commercial shelving, both indoors and out, for pots, mulch and et cetera. And, my latest addition is a nursery cart, which makes me happy. The floors stay messy with hay, which i keep indoors and the budgies like to make a mess, also. I have leased this commercial space to have an enormous potting shed for my business and it is so nice to spend a day here drawing. A large, sunny yard is just out of my door and there is a live oak in the rear for shade and I am dreaming of cultivating Noisette roses here by the dozens

    Thank you for commenting all the way across the Atlantic. I must admit, when grappling with the climate in the Deep South and her proclivity towards pests, I fawn for your neck of the woods.

  3. Thank you, boodely. I like to have some space where I don’t have to take my boots off coming in and out…and, I have a record player and lots of books on gardening. If you are looking for me, that’s where I might be.

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