What Garden Books I Am Reading Tonight?

Yep, my Friday eve involves these two beauties and a bowl of popcorn. If you continue to check back with this blog, you will find that I am completely addicted and dedicated to – inspirited, inspired, motivated, excited, exalted, moved and affected by topiaries and parterres. I was thinking of changing my name to Parterre Meyer earlier today. Me and my little doggy, Gladys, are curling up on this excellent Fall evening listening to crickets and dreaming about boxwood.


3 thoughts on “What Garden Books I Am Reading Tonight?

  1. Too funny… our Friday night was spent with Elliot Coleman’s “Four-Season Harvest,” and John Jeavons’ “How to Grow More Vegetables.” We’re planning out the best cold frame and cloche designs for our over winter veggies.

    Just a bunch o’ garden geeks on a Friday night! LOL

  2. Heck! If I added a glass of Pinot Noir, a record player and a collaborator to the cold frame/cloche design night, I would be perfectly giddy…Thank you both (cindy and Shibaguyz) for stopping by.

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