Keeping Birds II

Keeping two geese in an average suburban and urban yard is a cinch…I kept two Peking Ducks in my garden in the middle of West Hollywood for many years. They are happiest with one other feathered kind so they know who to follow around and they spend all the day waddling from plant to plant eating bugs. They are delightful to watch. If you have a water feature in your garden, then bonus for them! Otherwise just keep fresh water around and feed them some bread and duck food from the local feed and seed (just like having a dog.) Their poop is rich in nutrients (unlike a dog) that are beneficial to your soil. Just mind, and put the little guys away in their coop at night. You may have to herd them in, but, once they get to know their home, they will know where to go. You should stow them away at evening, because, birds of prey, even in Hollywood, can stalk them at night. Nothing fancy is necessary, see above.


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