From Saint-Cloud to the Tuileries

Visiting Paris for me is almost the apex of inspiration (as it is for millions and millions of others). However, it is the Jardin des Tuileries that I like to get lost in…and, Andre Le Notre’s work. It is a mistake to think of your garden as merely curb appeal, plants that line the sidewalks and grass that has to be mowed. Gardens are so important in our visual and visceral lives and this particular book has a way of looking at Gardens, especially these so very important ones of Le Notre. This book, published in 1997 and again 1999 is a collection of photographs by Michael Kenna. Kenna’s collection of landscape photography books are as reverential and historically venerable as these Gardens. Through his lens, we can experience daybreak in Paris and be moved even in black and white. I can’t say enough about his work or Le Notre’s. This book is available at


One thought on “From Saint-Cloud to the Tuileries

  1. Beverly Hills, CA – World-renowned, British-born, photographer Michael Kenna and Brazilian-born Hollywood author and actress Bianca Rossini collaborated to create a book of 45 black and white photographs and poetry titled “Love in black and white” Published by Nazraeli Press in Summer-2009.

    “Love in black and white is a work of extraordinary collaborative passion” – Don Heckman.

    Read more:

    Watch video:

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