Fall Equinox and the Garden

Good Morning, Fall. It’s magical how the weather can just tack directions and become an entirely different course seemingly overnight. And, that’s just what happened in my neck of the woods. Nature is the best part about living our existential lives and Nature designs the best gardens. This photograph, by Russell Kaye, for Saveur magazine woos me into that Fall mood. And, Fall is an incredibly busy time in the Garden. There are pumpkins to plant and plots to till and feed and position the collard greens. It is also the time to transplant the roses, order the bulbs, prune some overgrowth, find the rake (or not), build the potting shed and make plans for a small greenhouse somewhere.

This photograph is of Chaddsford Winery in Pennsylvania. Of all the states in the union for a Fall montage, Pennsylvania is one of the best I have experienced. A friend of mine has a farmhouse there and it looks much like this one, too. Except that Marion, my friend, has an apple orchard planted in an allee running where most have a sidewalk to the front door. It just couldn’t be any sweeter. Especially in the Fall when the apples are ripe. I have asked her to photograph her allee for me this Fall so I can post it here for you.

(and, if you have visited my website, then you might see that I had the privilege of working with the Saveur folks and they are super cool.)


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