The Potting Shed II

A potting shed can certainly take on different levels of rugged-ness or rustic-ness, however, these two above are only those adjectives in their sinks. Because they have plumbing, they take shed to the next level. And, so can any shed in your back yard raise to the next level. The plumbing level. It can be as easy as a new spigot. Sinks and spigots are nice to have nearby when re-potting. Old pots need to be scrubbed before re-planting in order for your new violet cutting not to inherit the viruses and pests of old. It is also nice to have water right on hand for the transplant, too, and give the sapling a quick drink. Even if you have a resplendent space within your home, you can turn it into a potting space (sometimes called mud rooms.) Potting sheds are en vogue! (And, in case you are wondering, the lavender print on the wall of photo #1 is an image of a nautical chart of East Coast barrier islands and all our tributaries. And, yes!! Purple is sooooooooo hot right now. Just check out Domino Mag and the New York Fashion Week runways for more examples of purple shades…good job by Charleston Home mag and photographer Brie Williams)


One thought on “The Potting Shed II

  1. My mother always had a potting shed or something that would function as one when I was growing up. Now I’ve done the same thing here in my apartments I’m getting in the city. She loves the idea that I’ve carried on. Very functional too, no matter how much you garden.

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