Grasses, Reeds and Rushes: Chic

If you have a thing for cleanliness in your environment, then, a non-shedding breed of dog (they exist!) and a super-duper chic collection of grasses is a fabulous idea for your surroundings. Is this not the neatest terrace? Works like crazy in narrow spaces where a savvy plank path dominates the way. The grasses soften the hard edges you build creating such a t-square environment. Add English pea gravel and make a layer of pale, minimal texture that reflects the sun in a sumptuous way (bright white in the afternoon to pale pink at sunset and light indigo at twilght.) And, just wait for the effect of the breeze. It is awesome. Did you notice I used the adjective minimal, again? I’ll return to the perfect cottage garden later, I promise.Grasses have quite a lot of motion in nature, whether on your portico or in a field, and they are dynamic in their change of colors with the seasons. These are not your average, invasive pampas grasses, either.


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